Outrage over beating of Imam in Hisar by Bajrang Dal activist

Amarnath terror attack aftermath: Watch Bajrang Dal Activists assault Imam in Hisar
Why is this all happening and have every day norm and the most dangerous thing is that we are becoming accustomed to all these. The problem with Indians is that we get too easily habitual of any thing whether it is foreign culture or internal corruption. I think the major problem with us all is we are too fearful to speak out against those who try to snatch our right to speak, express or even live a dignified life.

The recent misbehavior of Bajrangdal activist who slapped a Imam for not chanting "Bharat Mata ki Jai" on the instructions of the hooligans have really caused a dent my heart. This is more dangerous than any terrorist attack because terrorist do not belong to our country and have no knowledge of Indian culture of "Unity in Diversity" but we as citizens know how to live with diverse culture.

I do not find any merit in saying "Bharat Mata ki Jai' or any other phrase just to please any one and that is my right to praise or not praise any thing.

I myself being the son of an Army person know how it feels when your father is out on border post saving country from infiltrators but he never taught me to shout Jai Mata Di every day or I have never heard him chanting that at home because he knows well that it's the terrorist with whom we have to fight but not with each other.

I know many uncles who are from different religion living in same quarters and safe guarding each other from any untoward incident. I have never felt so bad about things happening in India and no please do not take this article as against Mr Modi because he is the one whom I follow but I have never heard him asking his followers to beat those who do not say "Bharat Mata Ki Jai".

It's your choice and I respect it even if you do not agree with me and I expect at least this from you all as well. Let's live in peace and support law enforcement agencies who are doing their duties even under so much pressure to perform.

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This one is from Tarek Fateh

Next is from Rajdeep Sardesai, Journalist

Watch the video aired on CNN News


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