Over view on data science and top 5 data science courses available

For layman, Data science is the branch of advanced mathematics and statistics that teaches us to interpret data in multiple ways and find its use and implementation in multiple industries.

Data has always played a pivotal role in deciding the future course of any business; however, it is in the recent decade, it has become a complete different branch for study.

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Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, IoT and many other branches are broadly based on the use and interpretation of data.

The Course or Study of Data Science can be divided into four basic classes

  • Data Manipulation
  • Data Analysis with Statistics and Machine Learning
  •  Data Communication with Information Visualization
  •  Data at Scale -- Working with Big Data

Looking at the growing trend and adoption by business houses, Data Science is surely going to be the next big thing and will define how people work and study. It will be highest employment generator for the next 20 years.
The global IT giant IBM, recently predicting that there will be a 28% increase in the number of employed data scientists in the next two years.
Here is the list of top five and market approved Data Science courses available in India.

Coursera – Data Science Specialization

  1. Affiliated to John Hopkins University.
  2. Required to pay for course and certification fee – but this is waived for students who don’t have the financial resources available.
  3. Comprised of 10 courses, the specialization covers statistical programming in R, cluster analysis, natural language processing and practical applications of machine learning. 

Coursera – Data-Driven Decision Making

  1.  Provided by PwC
  2. Focuses more on business applications than theory.
  3.  It covers the spectrum of tools and techniques which are being adopted by businesses today to tackles data challenges, and the different roles that data specialists can fill in modern organizations.
  4. The four-week course concludes with a task involving deploying a data solution in a simulated business environment.

EdX – Data Science Essentials

  1. This course is provided by Microsoft and forms part of their Professional Program Certificate in Data Science,
  2. Can also be taken as a stand-alone course through EdX. 
  3. Students are expected to have an “introductory” knowledge of R or Python – the two most popular languages for data science programming at the moment. 
  4. Subjects covered include probability and statistics, data exploration, visualization, and an introduction to machine learning, using the Microsoft Azure framework.
  5. Course material is free however to get official certificate on completion, students can pay $90 in this case

Udacity – Intro to Machine Learning

  1. Course aims to give a full overview, from theory to practical application.
  2. Also covers an introduction to selecting data sources and choosing which algorithms best fit a particular problem

Dataquest – Become a Data Scientist

  1. Dataquest is an independent online training provider rather than being affiliated with a university
  2. It offers free access to much of its course materials although
  3. Pay for premium services which include tutored projects.
  4. It offers three paths – data analyst, data scientist and data engineer


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